A Brief History of OKRs

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Have you heard about OKRs but were never sure where the popular concept originated? Click here for a brief (yet thorough) history of OKRs.

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  • How to implement OKRs. Steps towards your new Goal Setting Strategy

    If you have reached your goal at 100%,

    then you played it much too safe, according to Google. 


    Building an internal, annual strategic plan for the business is the most important challenge for Top Management. If you ever asked the question: How to become fast-growing and scale business processes easily? Then it's just the right time to become more flexible and modern with OKRs.

  • First Swedish GDPR inspection completed

    Swedish Data Inspection's first GDPR review completed!

    Now the Data Inspection has carried out its first GDPR review. Of a total of 66 supervisory cases, the Authority has decided to give reprimand in a majority of cases. The main reason for the decision to stay in reprimand instead of administrative sanction is the relatively short period of time elapsed since 25 May.

  • New Alignment Release

    Now it's time for our next big update. Our Alignment module is to get a radical boost. A great update regarding our design, but we are also matching it with other interesting features.

  • OKR soon to be released by Heartpace

    Objectives and key results (OKR) is a framework designed for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. The OKR functionality has been sought after and guess what, we have news ;)

  • New release

    In April we promised next step of design and functions update in mid May. Time has come.


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