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Change - New design in our performance management service

Man dislikes change, or rather, man dislikes to change. Change aversion, a term well established amongst those working with changes in software features, processes and design solutions.


Everything usually starts with a problem


So it also began with us. Obviously, it is difficult to point at a specific time but gradually something has started to itch. We have basically been very pleased with our design and our functionality in Heartpace. The tool has worked well for objective-oriented talksand evaluations. But time is changing around us and we need to lead, not follow.


It has become imminent that in order to continue to represent a modern interface and functionality we need to update ourselves in relation to new requirements and expectations. In order to continue to be that leading performance management tool we aim for the time for change has come.


There has been a lot of activity in the background. Indeed, during the winter, we have been able to update all code in our system while doing comprehensive security tests and subsequent adjustments to be updated with GDPR. We have updated the backend programming core to newlest version and frontend to React to optimize the system so that we can quickly process the thousands of users who are logged in to the system on a daily basis. The work has turned out very good but at the same time this is something that is rather unknown for the individual user since all is going on in the background.


Now it's time for next step


It is time for proper re-design that you will be able to take part of during the spring. We have a fairly comprehensive plan for our change work that we are now launching. But we have decided to make the changes in three (3) steps. The first step is launched already upcoming week. From a user perspective it will be quite easy to get around so we dare to be quick.


Here's an example of our new screen:



At first glance things look quite the same. But if you look at the user information, you'll see that we moved it to the left side of the window and clearly separated it from the modules on the right. Depending on which modules you have access to, you will see all or fewer of the tabs shown here. Step 1 is therefore no bigger than this, but provides increased clarity and easier accessibility to all data associated with your, and other user's, data. The update buttons are clearly linked to the respective sections.


In step two (2) we change the top menu and and on our so-called footer, the section at the bottom. We also provide a background image opportunity for increased corporate customization of the design. See the illustration below as an example. You see that the menu has started changing in shape and format.




Our new dashboard


In step three (3) we take the next step and implement what is commonly called a dashboard. Here, users will be able to individually change their content and choose what to display. Basically, it's about improving the ability to quickly see the status regarding objective & activity, but also what's about conversations and other things going on. If you subscribe to our data module (DSM), you can also capture kpi's and other important stats.



Links to the Gallery are also changed and new buttons and symbols are introduced. You will be able to change color schemes even for these, so that the company's home feel is strengthened.


There will be more


These images only show a summary of the overall look that you see when you log in to Heartpace. The changes go deeper than that of course. We are working to simplify our processes so you will, for example, have fewer clicks when you create different activities in Heartpace. We are introducing more reporting capabilities and other missing functionality. Above all, we will also launch a major update on objective & activity, what we today call our Alignment module, where we introduce more levels (e.g., departmental level for objectives), time-linked strategic goals, Gantt charts for status reports, and much more.



We aim to have everything in place right before the summer holiday so that the autumn start can start with a freshly loaded tool.


Changing is not always convenient. Quite often the opposite, it simply requires an effort. We have done everything we could to capture all the wishes we received and packaged it in the change work that you will now gradually get to know. We do not promise it will be completely "painless" all the time but we promise that the tool will give you lots of new opportunities if you and your organization are on the move and adapt to change.


We also promise to be responsive to the wishes that we are also sure will appear from you and our other keen users. It is because we have worked like that since start, in close co-operation with our knowledgeable customers who added a lot of expertese to our own HR and technical skills.

Team Heartpace

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