Examples of OKRs

Objective and Key Results

Examples of OKRs

12 Apr, 2019

This article is part of a series where we have been discussing in length OKRs (objectives and key results), a goal system used by Google. So far in this series, we have discussed:

  1. The history of OKRs
  2. 8 reasons why you should adopt OKRs
  3. How to define your objectives in OKRs
  4. How to define your key results in OKRs
  5. How to Define Initiatives in OKRs
  6. How to be Realistic in Grading Yourself with OKRs?


In the seventh installment of this series, we’re going to get granular. We're doing a deep dive and giving you five different examples of what OKRs look like. Below are  OKR examples according to various common roles within organizations. Read on to better understand OKRs for a CEO, A Sales Executive, and a Marketing Manager.


OKR Examples for CEOs

Here is a set of OKRs that are specific to the role of a CEO of a company. We have kept this quite general, so bear in mind there would need to be slight tweaking based on your industry, company goals and the size of your organization.


Objective I: Implement overall belt-tightening and implement better cost controls across the enterprise

Key Result 1: Achieve net profit margins of 15% in Q3
Key Result 2: Create projections and necessary action items to help us hit 20% profit margins in Q4
Key Result 3: Implement P&L/ accountability controls across the executive team.


Objective II: Launch acquisition strategy to increase organic growth 

Key Result 1: Enter due diligence for $1M+ acquisition to close in Q4
Key Result 2: Bring on Corporate Development Head to take charge of the acquisition strategy
Key Result 3: Align the VP of Finance with the acquisition strategy to create details 3-year projections


Objective III: Secure office growth expansion strategy 

Key Result 1: Execute lease for 3rd-floor expansion in Q1 2016
Key Result 2: Execute New York office lease to support 15 New York-based employees in the next 18 months.
Key Result 3: Be named in one of the 10 Best Places to Work in the U.S.




OKR Examples for Sales Executive

For a Sales Executive, these OKRs revolve around improving sales processes and aiming to generate more revenue for the company via recurring clients. Here’s a breakdown of OKR examples for sales for this role type:


Objective I: Increase recurring revenue

Key Result 1: Increase monthly subscriptions by 70%.

Key Result 2: Raise the average subscription number to $315 per month.

Key Result 3: Decrease churn rate by 5% monthly.


Objective II: Improve the efficiency of sales representatives

Key Result 1: Increase average sales conversion rate by 48%.

Key Result 2: Create three new training sessions for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Key Result 3: Increase positive customer reviews to 88%.


Objective III: Optimize the sales analytics process by Q4 2019

Key Result 1: Ensure all sales activities are automated and numbers are reflected in the CRM.

Key Result 2: Reach a 95% reduction in errors within the CRM and all sales analytics processes.

Key Result 3: Increase the number of sales metrics tracked to 200 total metrics.

OKR Examples for Marketing Managers

Here are some marketing OKR examples for a Marketing Manager at an organization. The overall focus is to generate leads and optimize marketing processes:

Objective I: Optimize onboarding for new users

Key Result 1: Create and fully implement a personalized onboarding flow with videos - 5 videos.

Key Result 2: Design and implement onboarding letters for new trials users - 7 letters.

Key Result 3: Find three solutions for English content.

Objective II: Improve inbound marketing by generating 500 sales-qualified leads

Key Result 1: Obtain 300 quality leads for the new module.

Key Result 2: Scale paid campaigns and get 100 new user trials.


Objective III: Improve content marketing processes

Key Result 1: Post 15 new branded blog posts under the Solutions & News category.

Key Result 2: Deliver new content for current clients by email in a fortnight - 16 letters.

Key Result 3: Create 10 case studies from current clients.

Objective IV: Improve outbound marketing

Key Result 1: Get 50 backlinks from Quorra.

Key Result 2: Get 100 reviews on our Capterra profile.

Key Result 3: Get 100 reviews on G2C profile.

Objective V: Increase site conversion rate of 1%

Key Result 1: Increase conversion rate on the new Home Page by 0.5%

Key Result 2: Get 100 leads from the new landing page

Key Result 3: Conduct 10 a/b tests

Something that’s crucial to remember when brainstorming your OKRs and doing your OKR planning, is to not confuse OKRs with KPIs. The main difference between the two is that while your KPIs are a constant, your OKRs should open you up to trying new things and reaching new types of goals, which is why we’ve provided these OKR examples for you.


We hope breaking down examples of good OKRs for these different personas has been helpful, and if you'd like to see what we can offer for your organizations’ OKRs, click here to check out our pricing, or book a demo today. We can't wait to show you what your company is truly capable of.  

Henrik Dannert

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