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Matti Klasson, Development People lead at King, both nails it and also shoots past the point in his blog regarding how to catch ambition and personal plans and merge them with business objectives and strategies.

Yes, using annual objectives to motivate people and make them develop is very hard and sometimes also a tedious work when the world and market around you is constantly changing. Fortunately, there are agile solutions that helps you steer in the right directions. One is the Kata model, practised by Toyota amongst others. In many ways it resembles the To Grow coaching method which is an easy structure to objective oriented business talks.

At Heartpace we have developed a simple toolbox that allows managers to handle the day to day challenges with setting objectives and activities. As at King we also suggest the best solutions for talks are agile and also frequent. We also suggest that you should separate talks content and not try to be efficient and push all issues in to one talk. This quite often happens to organisations that make talks circle around one yearly talk trying to cover all personal and company issues. Not good! It is very disengaging.

But you should bear in mind, and here we differ, that it is not the individual personal goals that really should be the focus. It is business goals that matter and here many managers step in to the wrong path. The GROW method which we have written about previously here at Heartpace is an excellent and agile method to use on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

You might not need Heartpace but you need a tool box. We use Jira for our production and there is just no way that you could produce complex it-solutions without relevant instruments. Human interactions are no less complex, so why should you treat these differently?

And also, how boring it might sound, in order to comply with current law you need to use one with a European base since Google and many other American software solutions are not accepted according to legislation and upcoming GDPR... at least not yet since they store data all over the world.

Here you find Matti Klassons blog content, click here, but also keep in mind that the best agile methods go hand in hand with a good structure and great tools.

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