Heartpace acquires People Analytics


Heartpace acquires People Analytics

19 Oct, 2021

Heartpace, a company within Söderberg & Partners, has acquired EC PeopleAnalytics AB. Through the acquisition, PeopleAnalytics will become part of Heartpace, and together they will continue to develop their market-leading system support for HR and help companies get more prosperous and efficient employees. 


PeopleAnalytics offers system support for data-driven HR analyzes and decision support. Customers gain value-creating insights that help them make better, fact-based decisions about their staff. 


  • PeopleAnalytics' predictive analysis models are a welcome addition to the HR platform Heartpace has developed. Together we get a very attractive comprehensive offer that will benefit our customers. We can now offer HRM and powerful decision support in parallel with our performance management model.


PeopleAnalytics was in discussion with several different potential buyers of the company. The fact that the choice fell on Heartpace was partly due to the fact that Heartpace has a strong development organization and a strong international network through Söderberg & Partners. 


  • PeopleAnalytics was born out of our desire to help organizations make data-driven, fact-based decisions about their staff instead of going for "gut feeling". By becoming part of Heartpace, we get completely new opportunities to create a "cutting edge" full-scale HR offering based on the very latest technology, says Elin Malmström, co-founder of PeopleAnalytics. 


Although HR is generally a female-dominated profession, the vast majority of all startups in HR-tech are founded by men. PeopleAnalytics is founded by Elin Malmström and Catrine Augustsson, who both have a past in HR, which gives them a good understanding of their target group's needs and challenges. 


  • We come from HR and build for HR, it is a great advantage to deeply understand their "user / buyer persona". With our solutions, it will be easy for HR to create value in their organization, says Catrine Augustsson, co-founder of PeopleAnalytics. 


For more information, contact: 

Henrik Dannert, CEO, Heartpace, 

Elin Malmström, co-founder, PeopleAnalytics, 
Catrine Augustsson, co-founder, PepopleAnalytics,


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