New Alignment Release

25 Sep, 2018

A new alignment level in the form of ”Department" level is introduced which gives the possibility to align from the organization's vision via strategy, department and individual objectives and activities. The entire chain of objectives can be tied together, visually and practically.


We also introduce the concept of private and public objectives. The private is just as they state, those that the organization does not really need access to. It may, for example, be about behavioral objectives and others that only interest a few.


One might think that we would be content with these changes that are great in themselves. However, we did not stop at that. As a first mover, we are shortly introducing a whole new thinking regarding objectives management in the Nordic region. The philosophy OKR, Objectives and Key Results makes an entry as a whole new opportunity at Heartpace. A successful recipe for internationally renowned brands like Intel and Google which is now making its journey into other successful organizations.


Our customers can choose to either work more traditionally with a balanced scorecard for objectives management and Alignment or as an alternative, choose OKR with full transparency and stretched objectives with concurrent Key Results.


OK, we will release a couple of weeks after the update of Alignment so there is time to think if this could be the next big leap for your organization.


First a few words about our new release and a familiar image.



We use the term WORKSPACE where the user finds everything that it can take part of regarding his person. There, their own objectives are found, both Private and as Aligned. The menus are shown in the picture.


 Private can only be seen by assignee and manager. Objectives are not connected to the higher level. Aligned Objectives are tied to the level above and, unlike private, according to OKR they will be visible to everyone.

 New Alignment module will be released in two steps and the changes are the associated with the OKR will be visible after the second step.


From WORKSPACE, you also have access to the objectives associated with the objectives management process. They are divided between your own and the ones are entitled to have access to as a manager.


On the next image, you can take note of the major changes in our Alignment module. The view is displayed by clicking Alignment in the top menu.



Here you can see that we divided the view into lists but also a clear statistic status. You will find a summary of the year's statistics on the left under the profile image and a general stats section for the filtered period in the field on the right. This is the same type of view if you click Activities or Individual Objectives in the menu. In the field under the profile card, you can also choose other employees, given that you have access to them, and see their statistics. As you move on to Departments and Strategies, the same applies, the space below changes and shows a summary of statistics to the left and the ones that can be filtered in the area below.


We have also introduced a so-called "right card". This is reached by clicking on any row in the list and the "card" will open to the right as you can see in the next image.



On the right-hand side, you can access an objective and make changes, connect it to a higher level, and write comments. You can also very easily add activities that are linked to the objective. The functionality is recognized from our previous version, but it is now much easier to work in the app.


As usual, we will be in place with our support if you have any questions about our release. Most of them are quite self-explanatory when you have the views in front of you. Basically, the functionality is similar but smoother and easier. The fact that we enter a further level with "Department" will also facilitate target management significantly better.


If you have not activated "Alignment" before, please feel free to do so. It's an inspiration if you work together towards common objectives. It creates commitment and, in the longer term, prosperous employees and organizations. Please ask us on how to get started.


Keep an eye open for our next release about OKR. It could be your next big thing in taking a leap forward.

Team Heartpace

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