Integrated Learning with Learnster

Learnster develops the LMS of tomorrow for growing organizations aspiring to achieve maximum learning in minimum time.

Heartpace & Learnster Integrated in a Single Ecosystem

By enabling Learnster and Heartpace integration, you can involve subject matter experts in creating everything from microlearning and single courses, to onboarding schemes and dynamic training programs. Share with employees, customers and partners.

Key features

  • A go-to hub for internal training and external course libraries

  • Share both company information and local knowledge. Follow up on HQ, department or team level

  • Provide relevant opportunities for skills development for each employee

  • Save valuable time with Learnster’s smart Automation Rules.

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    How It Works

  • Use digital course material and scheduled virtual classroom sessions

  • Encourage your employees to take ownership of their own development

  • Benefit from Learnster’s inspiring Course Catalog

  • Learnster Resources lets your organization leverage and manage internal knowledge. Distribute internal know-how in a searchable and structured way.

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