Time-saving Payroll Management with S&P Payroll

Everything is connected. In the same portal, you can access everything you need regardless of your role as an employee, manager or administrator. We've made it easy! We want to offer Sweden's simplest payroll service and we hold two things sacred, satisfied customers and continuous improvements in all we do.

Heartpace and S&P Payroll Integrated in a Single Ecosystem

A total solution for payroll processing and personnel administration. The service is completely web-based and includes administrative interfaces as well as reporting tools and our payroll service. We have developed a unique interface with the user in focus. Regardless of the platform, we offer an easily accessible and intuitive one so that the employee can quickly get started.

Key features

  • Payroll management, Salary payment, Income Tax Return (AGI), Authority statistics, Change of holiday year, Fora reporting

  • Web-based portal solution and mobile app, Trust time reporting, Milage, Allowance, Outlay, Salary specification, Web-based administration tool, Mass registration/payroll transactions, Accounting register for e.g. projects, Personnel register

  • Monthly reports for finance, Accounting records, Accounting file, Holiday/companion debt, Salary compilation, Checklist (advance, foreclosure), Salary specifications, Bank list, Bank file (KI)

  • Reports for HR, Overtime journal, Authority reporting, Monthly, Short-term employment statistics, Economic statistics on sick pay, Economic statistics private salaries, Wage structure statistics, Salary statistics for Swedish Business.

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    How It Works

  • Transfer your payroll processing to us and you will ensure that your payroll process is future-proofed.

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