Top Talent Recruitment with Teamtailor

Teamtailor is a modern software solution designed to attract, nurture, and get on board the right talents you need to grow your business.

Heartpace & Teamtailor Integrated in a Single Ecosystem

By enabling Teamtailor and Heartpace integration, you can get top people, build the right process with custom steps, and make a truly seamless employee experience. All pulled together on a single dashboard. Teamtailor is no more just about job applications.

Key features

  • Drastically improve and speed up the entire recruitment process by integrating Teamtailor’s applicant tracking system with Heartpace

  • Elevate your HR and management team performance to a qualitatively different level of productivity

  • Combine various steps and processes. Meet your company's unique needs, circumstances, and requirements in full.

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    How It Works

  • Put your recruitment on track by matching and customizing candidate/employee fields to HRM fields in the Heartpace system

  • Automatically pull in data about candidates and CVs. Create new hires and track their progress on a single dashboard

  • Streamline all your HR operations across different departments, from talent acquisition and succession, to intuitive performance management

  • Combine different steps and processes to meet unique needs of your company, circumstances, and your own requirements.

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