Highly engaged employees change the world

Our clients choose us, as we use modern management tools that increase commitment, performance and profitability.

Performance Management is simple.

We help you define processes for increasing the commitment of your employees. We define every step for your business. Results are immediate and push the entire company in a positive direction. It is also modern and indicative. Start by contacting us. It costs nothing.

1. Distinct mission statement

Ensure that employees know what is expected of them in their work.

2. Give employees the right tools

Make sure everyone has the tools they need to be successful.

3. Tell them that their opinion is important

Make employees feel important and, above all, involved.

4. Show appreciation regularly

Provide frequent feedback to your employees about the parts of their work they are doing well.


Increasing involvement need not cost anything

Appreciation and praise strengthens commitment the most. We have heard it many times, but it bears repeating; commitment does not primarily result from financial incentives. It is far better and more cost effective to work with non-financial motivators. Meeting your employees and enjoying constructive dialogue provides far results, even on the last line! We know how easy it can be – just ask us.

Financial motivators

Commission-based salary 60%
Increased salary 52%
Shares and Options programme 35%

Social (non-financial) motivators

Praise or appreciation from a manager 67%
Attention of managers 63%
Possibility of leading projects 62% 62%

McKinsey quarterly, “Motivating people, getting beyond money 2009”

How committed are we in the workplace

Gallup has studied employee commitment, and has carried out 25 million employee surveys over the last 20 years . In summary – organizations that achieve greater commitment do better than their competitors on a variety of levels; e.g. profitability, efficiency, lower absenteeism and much more. A watershed event which is very important to work with. We provide an online tool that helps you encourage commitment. Please contact us for more information.




**Report from Gallup 6 oct 2014, State of the Global Workforce, Sweden

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