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Heartpace HR Management

Optimize & Digitalize HR management workflows.

Data-driven HRsaves time and allows full control

Base important decisions on data-driven and up-to-date insights

  • Keep track of your employee Data in one place - know your numbers
  • Get things in order - no more spreadsheets, no more worries
  • Simplifying your daily HR-work - save time & streamline processes.
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    Full integration with other systems

    With smart integrations you save time. You no longer need to worry about your data being incorrect. Naturally, our HR System integrates with other software suppliers in order to make your everyday life easier.

    You can choose whether Heartpace should function as a master or, for example, your payroll system. Regardless of your choice, we are there for your HR-needs.

    Great employee experience with greatOnboarding

    Drive employee engagement with a positive and streamlined Onboarding process. Make sure new hires get a great first experience of your company. 

  • Ensure a smooth and data driven on/off/reboarding process 
  • Automate & structure your own workflows in just a few clicks
  • Drive employee experience by communicating your company's vision and values!
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    E-sign& Document

    Digitize your HR records. Integrate e-sign with your preferred supplier and connect the dots with Heartpace. Employment contracts and policy documents have never been easier to keep up to date.
  • Use our ready-made templates or build your own in a few clicks
  • Keep important records in one place
  • Secure compliance & control of important documents.
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    People Analyticsshould be easy!

    In Heartpace's Master data reports & insights are especially developed for you to get on top of your most important HR KPI’s. No more hassle with definitions or messy data! 
  • Feel confident that your HR data is safe, relevant, and up to date
  • Discover completely new insights and make better people driven decisions based on facts 
  • Drive change by visualizing and communicating your insights!
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    Smooth & Compliant whistleblowing

    Together with our partner Visma-Draftit, will help your company to easily meet the new EU-legislation. With Whistleblower Incident, you get a safe, secure, and easy-to-handle channel.

  • Quick and easy implementation 
  • Complies with GDPR and EU directive for whistleblowers
  • Preserved anonymity through encrypted data management.
  • Three powerfulReasonsfor you to act now

  • Optimize the flow of HR-tasks, simplify work and save time

  • Structure, control and trust your master data by reducing manual data entries

  • Secure data management and reduce the risk of others taking advantage of your data.

  • Safety and HR Know-how is our priority 

    At Heartpace, we take safety seriously. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands. Our careful processes always put the security of our customers' data first. Our long experience, established routines, and high safety requirements permeate through all parts of our platform and work.

    You are in safe hands, we’ll help you!

    With a steady hand, we guide you through the start-up process. You will be up and running in no time!
    We support you when it comes to the technical implementation and your HR-processes. We love to share best-practice advice and considerations regarding the softer side of HR. As motivated HR-professionals we are here for you!

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