Performance Appraisal & HR Templates

Do you want to have a full collection with the best templates for core HR works? Well, you’re in the right place! Our pre-written templates and questionnaires for One-to-One Talks, Surveys and 360-Degree Feedback are ready-to-use inside Heartpace and fully customizable at the same time.


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All of our templates have been created and approved by professional HR experts. They are being used by thousands of companies, who care about sustainable leadership, job-environment and employee engagement. You can work with our templates as is or customize them to fit your needs inside Heartpace.

360 Degree Feedback Templates

Make preparation for your 360 reviews easier. With Heartpace 360 Evaluation you can use our pre-built templates, customize it or create your own. Our 360 feedback tool provides painless and transparent feedback to understand how employee work is viewed from different perspectives.

One-on-One meeting Templates

Help to have fast, most effective 1-to-1 Talks. Different types of templates which will make your meetings prepared and participants engaged in each topic.

Employee Survey Templates

Work for different HR purposes. We have all the most popular HR-surveys as eNPS or Employee Engagement Measuring. Save your time and choose one that fits your needs.

Human Resources Templates

A general collection of HR-templates. There you can find various most helpful templates, e.g. for Onboarding Template, Development Talk Template, Salary Talk Template, Exit interview template and many others.

Performance Appraisal Templates

This collection is designed for modern and transparent Performance review, also known as "performance appraisal" . All supported by Heartpace for creating Employee First Culture in Organization and driving performance management.

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