Make Salary Gender Pay Gap Analysis easier and safe with Report Building and Salary Review automation

Heartpace Pay is a module in the Heartpace performance-driven HR system suite that assists with salary mapping and analysis. The module delivers according to best practice requirements, minimizes subjectivity, and saves time.

Four reasons why you should choose Heartpace Pay Gap

You get very relevant data and information that can be used for the upcoming salary revision.

The data generates an analysis directly. You do not have to do your own processing in excel.

You get the end result in an appealing report where you can also insert your action plan.

You get high security around all data management through access management and 2-step verification.

Why a gap analysis?

The purpose of the salary survey is to detect, remedy, and prevent unjustified differences in pay between women and men that are directly or indirectly due to gender. In the Heartpace Pay Gap module, you are guided through the various steps to carry out a qualitative salary survey. You get very interesting data in a report that is easy to understand. It helps you to gain knowledge about the organization's salary structure before, for example, the upcoming salary revision.
The module is built to meet the various legal requirements as well as to provide a basis for areas such as job evaluation, development of salary structure, and in-depth analysis of salary differences.

It is visually appealing so that users can quickly get an idea of ​​the structure. It is important to remember that salary plus other benefits and remuneration must be taken into account both in a salary revision and when setting salaries for new appointments. That is the basis for relevant comparisons.

You will receive three reports that meet the requirements

  1. Mapping and identification of equal works
  2. Mapping and identification of equivalent work
  3. Mapping and identification of female-dominated jobs
You will receive three reports that meet the requirements

Identify and categorize roles - job rating

The module Identifies and categorizes roles based on three areas:
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Responsibility
  • Workload
You will receive a description, ie a template to use when grading the roles. The definitions in the template are good examples to start from.

Documentation and analysis of your salary survey

The module in the tool shows deviations and you get suggestions on which areas may require action. Everything is documented during the process and the output presented in a report that meets the recommended requirements.

By analyzing any wage differences directly in the system, all documentation becomes clear from the outset. In other words, you can start on a small scale and then increase the scope based on the organization's needs.

In a larger organization, Heartpace Pay Gap can be used for mapping and salary analysis of several legal units in the group. The process becomes simpler and you get a very good group-wide picture of the salary structure.
Documentation and analysis of your salary survey
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